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All You Need Is Help is a Non Governmental Organization. This Organization is created to help the poorest people of India.

All we want is that through JPGR Museum, acquaintances and anonymous donations be made to the poorest of the India population (children, sick, hungry, etc. ..) can lead a better life.

For this to take place was a selection of people who were linked and the most suitable were Olivia and Dhani Harrison (wife and son of George Harrison).

More than 200 million hungry people in India, and about 60 million Indian children are malnourished. Government programs to distribute free food and soft loans for the poorest are not sufficient to fix a situation that in some cases has become a matter of life or death. Two thousand farmers in the region of Jharkhand, after four years of drought followed, wrote a letter to the president of the nation asking for permission to commit suicide en masse. One of the conclusions of the study is that even when the food arrives Government to farmers, the diet that they are forced to follow is very diverse and lacks basic additions, such as proteins. As a result, thousands of people develop diseases such as diabetes, resulting from this problem. At the heart of India, in the state of Madhya Pradesh, 30 farmers committed suicide during the month of July, beset by hunger and debt. Precisely in this region, sixty percent of children are malnourished, more people starving in Ethiopia or Sudan, according to the Indian government. Another UN report revealed two months ago that South Asia is the worst famine of the past 40 years, and there are a hundred million more poor than two years ago in this area.

Do you need more reasons? More dead? What are we waiting for?

JPGR™ and All You Need Is Help™ : 2010

With A Little Help For The World

We do what we can and we must. I think we are about normal people with strengths and weaknesses. Strong people are those in the third world working hard for 16 to 18 hours. We feel admiration for these people.


There is no greater sign of love than a person who is willing to give his life for another. Should have three principles in life: honor, duty and loyalty. Always remember who you are do your duty and live up. We thank you for the world to me we live. In this appreciation is to return part of what has been given by life itself. Unfortunately, there are hearts blind and deaf who do not receive anything, despite beating. Each day may be the last day of our lives, but can also be the first: a new base from which to begin.

And you?, Are you thankful for life?



In defense of the planet.









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